Sellaronda [clockwise]


Selloranda clockwise by VeloviewerDistance: 66.5 km
Elevation: 1,845 m
Number of Passes: 4 – Campolongo, Pordoi, Sella, Gardena
Start & end point: Badia
Approx. riding time: 2.3 – 6 hours
Route on Strava: Sellaronda [clockwise]
GPX file: download (right click + Save As)

Views during the Sellaronda loopThe classic Sellaronda loop should be ridden by every cyclist at least once. This is the direction we prefer because having Passo Campolongo at the beginning is a nice warm-up for the next 3 climbs.

0 km
Starting in Badia head south (uphill) on the SP244 towards Corvara.

4.5 km
There’s a fantastic cold water fountain to fill your bidons on the right side of the road. Be sure to fill up because there aren’t any water fountains along the road for quite some time (30 km).

7.5 km
In Corvara, go straight following the signs to Passo Campolongo/Arabba.

13.6 km
Welcome to the top of Passo Campolongo! Get ready for a short downhill ride towards the town of Arabba.

17.5 km
You’re at the crossroads to the Passo Pordoi, turn right. There’s also a water fountain in front of the church.

26.6 km
You reached Passo Pordoi, the second climb of the day. There are two more climbs to go.

32.9 km
Now you are at the crossroads to Passo Sella. You may encounter many cyclists here packing away their jackets after the descent and getting ready to climb the Sella or the Pordoi, depending on their descent.

38.4 km
Passo Sella – it’s just a few meters higher than the Pordoi, so this is your ‘Cima Coppi’ (highest peak).

43.7 km
The Passo Gardena crossroads – the climb will be short but you’ll be feeling a bit tired by now after the 3 climbs you already left behind.

49.4 km
Passo Gardena is yours! What awaits you is now a long descent towards Colfosco, Corvara and then back to Badia.

58.8 km
In Corvara turn left towards Badia or – if you want to do it again – go right!

66.5 km
Welcome back! We hope you had a nice ride!

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