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Yes, this is honestly a self-promotion page. Given that we share all our ‘secret’ rides, why not also let you know that we make a living from tourism and as passionate cyclists we would love to have you as our guest in one of the houses listed here.

The Alta Badia area has plenty of beautiful and comfortable Bike Friendly hotels in every category and budget. Nevertheless, this is my favourite list to start with:

Hotel Ustaria Posta ***

Hotel Ustaria Posta

It’s the hotel owned by my family and it is the place where the “real” passion for cycling in Alta Badia started. In 1978, dad Eduard  founded the local cycling club thanks to his devotion for this sport . 9 years later, he had what is perhaps the most crazy idea ever:  to start a long distance race for cycling guests, and he called it “Maratona dles Dolomites”. Yes, that’s right – the event that receives over 34,000 applications every year for a limited number of 9,000 cyclist slots. Ustaria Posta is still the headquarters of the local cycling club that promotes cycling to all the youth in the valley, and on weekdays in the summer you may see Igor and his friends leading groups of young cyclists from 6 to 14 years of age. With this, we can proudly say that you can breathe cycling passion at Ustaria Posta.

Hotel Gardenazza ***

Pension Gardenazza

Managed by Oskar Irsara and also located in the town of Badia. If you see Oskar on his road bike, pushing on the saddle on a steep climb, you may think you’re seeing a mirage of Alberto Contador. He isn’t the racing kind of person, but his main goal in life is to beat Igor’s KOMs on Strava.

Hotel Gran Ander ***S

Hotel Gran Ander

Managed by Andrea Irsara, it is located on a hill above the Ustaria Posta. Andrea is the ‘chef de cuisine’ and is able to transform simple ingredients and food into tasty revisited dishes. If you like ‘Gourmet’ style cuisine, this stop is a must. Regarding sports, it would be quicker to list what Andrea hasn’t done. But about cycling, Andrea is one of Igor’s earliest training mates – since the age of 8-9. What did they have in common? Both were good at making up excuses for why they weren’t able to keep up with the group ride – Andrea being the master of the ‘fake flate tires’.


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